FEAROUT is set to release their debut album on November!


Finnish Helsinki based metal band Fearout is set to release their debut album Bleedthrough on November 5th 2021 via Inverse Records.

The band released their first single The End of the Beginning along with a music video.

“The main riff was composed some 20 years ago, and we tried it with another band, but we never got it working. Ten years later it was offered to another band, and it didn’t work either. Finally, when I offered this to Justus we got things rolling. So, aging this song some 20 years in oak cask wasn’t that bad idea after all.” Says the guitarist Arg kinnunen

The End of the Beginning was one of the first Fearout songs that we ever played together. Arg set the standard high right from the get-go. It contains a bit twisted main riff, some stoner grind and pretty melodies. Just what the doctor ordered.” Singer Justus Latvala continues.

The song has stolen its title from Churchill and its theme is basically about the rise and fall and how to cope with it. Or not. Many people wish to be famous or some sort of stars and are absolutely willing to do anything to achieve their goal. After that 15 minutes of fame is gone the only way is down, and you still should be able to live with the things you did when you tried to get to the top.

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Fearout are:
Justus Latvala – Vocals
Arg Kinnunen – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Topi Lajunen – Drums, Backing Vocals
Minttu Minkkinen – Bass, Backing Vocals

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