FINNTROLL: vocalist teaches how to make the guttural voice in documentary!


Mathias Lillmåns, of the band Finntroll, will reveal the secrets of the guttural voice in the documentary “Have to Scream”, which will be screened at the Documentary Festival In-Edit Brazil.

The agent specialized in cultural exchange between Finland and Latin America, Niina Fu, closed an agreement with the International Festival of Musical Documentaries In-Edit Brazil, about the visibility of Finnish metal.

The first production to be seen, is the musical documentary produced by the Finnish broadcaster Yle and directed by Kati Grönholm. The name of the documentary is “Have to Scream” and will be shown from June 23 to 27.

At the same time, it is the first time a Finnish documentary has participated in the festival in the event’s 13-year history.

The festival brings together more than 50 music documentaries, of which almost half are international. The Embassy of Finland in Brazil supports the festival.

Brazil produces more than one hundred music documentaries a year and has a solid and attractive experience in the subject.

These factors also support the birth of the event, according to festival director Marcelo Aliche: Brazil has a tradition of producing and watching music documentaries.

Have to Scream” shows how Finntroll singer Mathias Lillmåns, also known as Vreth produces his guttural voice. The guttural voice is an aggressive singing technique that is often used in heavy metal.

The goal of this vocal technique is to produce a low sound, using the diaphragm and distorting the sound through the larynx, but without tightening the vocal cords.

With the premiere this June 23, and a related workshop, Lillmåns will reveal the guttural secrets for the Brazilian public.

The festival, which runs from June 16 to 27, will be held digitally for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year it attracted more than 85 thousand spectators and could be followed through the event’s website and social networks.

Part of the proceeds will go to charities, especially to support those affected by this year’s pandemic.

Watch the incredible full program of the International In-Edit Music Documentary Festival on the event’s website.