FUELED BY FIRE unveil music video for “Disrupt”

Fueled By Fire

Los Angeles thrashers FUELED BY FIRE unveil music video for “Disrupt”. New seven-inch release out now!

Los Angeles thrash metal force FUELED BY FIRE have unleashed the music video for their newest single, “Disrupt.”

The track is the A-side from their newest release, “Past…Present…No Future” Part 1, the first in a pair of two-song 7-inch releases recorded by Allen Falcon (Exmortus, Blade Killer), mixed by Carlos Cruz (Hexen, Warbringer) and mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind (Power Trip, Midnight).

The limited to 300 copies physical 7-inch release – which is pressed on white vinyl – was released last Friday, November 12th and are available now. The video for “Disrupt”, created by Javi Garcia at Goodfeelin Video, at and the song itself is now available to purchase/stream on all digital platforms.

Says guitarist/vocalist Rick Rangel, “’Disrupt‘ is a song that touches on Fear, Greed, Corruption, Ignorance, Oppression, Manipulation, Hypocrisy and all-out Anarchy happening around the world. Having gone through one of the craziest times in modern history, I think this song reflects the dire feeling that has been felt by everyone that has been affected by a global pandemic, media manipulation, corporate greed, corrupt politicians and police brutality all going on at the same time. Ultimately, this song is about a bleak future for everyone and that there are no happy endings… just endings.”

Says Rangel, “’Past…Present…No Future’ is a 4-song EP that was two years in the making. After numerous setbacks with writing and recording, these recordings seemed doomed to never be released. But as fate would have it, not even a global pandemic could stop it! If anything, the pandemic only fueled the anger and aggression felt on these songs. The reason we chose to release a 4-song EP as opposed to a full-length was to get music out a lot sooner, and we were anxious to announce to the world that FUELED BY FIRE has returned to fuck shit up! We feel like this is the pinnacle of what we have to offer as artists and musicians, and we hope to have that bleed over to our next offerings, and we can’t wait for you to play these songs at full volume!”


FUELED BY FIRE was formed in 2002 by a group of Southern California teenagers that bonded over a love of ’80s thrash metal acts such as Exodus, Testament and Possessed. The group recorded their first demo in 2004 and emerged as a persistent presence on local concerts throughout the greater Los Angeles region. Those shows saw them open for many of the iconic acts that they grew up worshiping, as well as performing alongside other burgeoning thrash bands that were emerging around them in Southern California such as Warbringer and Hexen. The group initially self-released their 2006 debut album, “Spread The Fire.” The album was praised by AllMusic.com for its “authentic thrash,” and the combination of their impressive studio effort and prolific live performances earned the attention of Metal Blade Records, who reissued the record a year later.

The group soon spread their sound on stages across the United States alongside fellow rising thrashers such as Bonded by Blood and Merciless Death before re-emerging with their self-released 2010 follow-up record, “Plunging Into Darkness.” That album was applauded by Metal-Rules.com for serving as a reminder of “just how vibrant thrash metal can be,” and the band followed up that momentum by touring Europe alongside heavy hitters such as Kreator, Morbid Angel and Nile.

The group applied a more sinister tone to their lyrics and compositions on 2013’s “Trapped in Perdition,” which was released by NoiseArt Records and produced by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse). The album received accolades from Burning Ambulance for being “their best album yet” and – alongside well-received performances the following year on European festivals such as Hellfest and Metalfest Open Air Loreley – cemented FUELED BY FIRE’s reputation as generators of powerful thrash metal.

Rick Rangel (guitars/vocals)
Jon Rubio (guitars)
Anthony Vasquez (bass)
Carlos Gutierrez (drums)

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