HEADSPAWN: New Brazilian Groove Metal band releases debut EP!


That the Brazilian northeast has been producing great rock/metal bands for the last three decades is no secret or news for anyone, and the power trio from ParaĆ­ba, Headspawn is a great example of this!

Pretty Ugly People“, their debut EP, was released on all streaming platforms, featuring 4 vigorous copyrighted tracks, covering themes such as schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scene, full of groove, heaviness, energy, melody, harmony and a whole lot of punch with no frills or labels.

Produced, mixed and mastered in a robust and vibrant way by producer Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaco, Forahneo, Omago), their sound furiously and melancholically invokes influences from various renowned bands, such as the power and heaviness of Machine Head and Slipknot, combined with harmonies reminiscing of Alice In Chains and Stone Sour.

The track list for “Pretty Ugly People” (EP) is:
Satan Goss
Worthless Piece Of Shit

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