KNECHT unveils progressive, instrumental debut EP


Joseph Knecht has his first EP ready for listeners around the world.

The debut self-titled EP is a complex journey through progressive metal instrumentals, a well-thought-out blend of classic 70s and modern prog. Knecht, who has been playing music the majority of his life.

“I decided to make an EP and just started writing. “Transformation” and “Overture” were really the only two songs that I knew from the beginning would be on there. The rest were written for this project. It has djenty riffs combined with the classic keyboard sounds like the Hammond Organ and Minimoog. If you listen closely, you can hear Jimmy Page licks in my solos and melodies.”

Knecht says that he started out strictly old school, however now he adds modern elements like 8-string guitar and goes for a more modern midrange-focused tone rather than the classic Les Paul through a Marshall sound.

Knecht writes and performs all instruments on the album, except for the drums, which on this release he enlists the help of Jason Stewart, who adds his own creative flair to the drum scaffolding. The result is something complex, yet accessible, enjoyable by die-hard prog fans and casual listeners alike.

The EP is recommended listening for fans of Haken, Porcupine Tree, Plini and Liquid Tension Experiment.

Knecht is available on Spotify and Bandcamp.