“LOSING SEPTEMBER” presents a new single “Curse The Sky”


LOSING SEPTEMBER is a group of modern day pirates with tires and gas in place of mast and wind.

With a hard and heavy belief in freedom and an angst leaning toward revolution, Losing September brings the fight for freedom to your ears. Heavy grooves and melodies you can sing with. An independent rock band built on a foundation of longevity and perseverance.

“This song was written after my long time guitarist and friend, informed me that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. Since production, as of February 1st, our Myanmar bandmates have been under military coup. This song is a cry for mercy and a testimonial. Thank you for listening” Bruce Fane.

Losing September is:
Bruce Fane
Nikolaus Foreman
Laurence Wilkins (aka Deaf Larry)
Jamie Lyn Fane
Carter Little- Drums

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