OVERHATE premieres the video clip THE PENANCE AND THE LESSON

Overhate, one of the main Venezuelan metal groups, will premiere its new video clip for the song The Penance and the Lesson, this May 28 on its official YouTube channel.

The song is part of the latest record production of the group New Beginnings are Met, released in March 2020 and which has received excellent reviews both in Venezuela and in Latin America and the rest of the world.

The music and lyrics of the theme

The Penance and the Lesson was written by Giancarlo Vettor, who is also a singer, guitarist and founder of Overhate. The video was recorded in three countries: Venezuela, Perú and Canada.

The direction of the video was made by Samir Acosta, who is also the band’s bassist. The mix was done by Ronald Del Águila, the group’s drummer. While it was mastered by the renowned engineer Marcos Burgos, responsible for the live sound of numerous international artists.

In the audiovisual, the members of Overhate participate in the company of the actors Johallyn Luy, Fernando Rivas and Diego del Águila. The general production was the responsibility of the entire band and it was a challenge to do it, since the members are living in three different countries. In addition to the restrictions of the pandemic of each place. However, thanks to technology it was possible to produce a video of the best quality.