PHIL STILES releases solo album “The Anchorhold”


PHIL STILES, the frontman of post/prog rockers Final Coil, releases his solo album The Anchorhold, through Trepanation Recordings.

To mark this auspicious day Phil is premiering the video for standout album track ‘End This Way‘.

“The video was produced by Lee Waters, a talented individual who also produced the lyric videos for The Anchorite. He has a great eye for detail and came up with footage of deserted, haunted landscapes which fitted the atmosphere of the track.”

As with all his work Phil’s lyrics for ‘End This Way‘ are challenging and thought-provoking, as he explains: “The lyric was influenced by Rebecca Rideal’s 1666: Plague, War And Hellfire. In the book Rebecca describes how a number of individuals, once infected with the plague and sealed within their home, would lean out of the windows to breathe on passersby in the hope of inflicting their fate on others.

Given that I was reading the book at the same time as the newspapers were reporting incidents of people spitting at each other at the height of the pandemic, the parallel was impossible to ignore, and so I set about trying to get into the mindset of someone so vindictive that they would intentionally infect another human being, or at least give the impression that they had. It shows, if nothing else, that the lessons of history are ignored at our peril.”

The Anchorhold is now on cassette and CD from Trepanation Recordings and offers both a melancholy monument to the loss and turmoil of the last year and a testament to the creative spirit of humanity.

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