REJECT THE SICKNESS present “The Plague Of Life” Lyric Video


The Plague Of Life is a track taken from While Our World Dissolves聽out via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

“With the release of a lyric video for The Plague of Life, Belgium麓s melodeath outfit Reject The Sickness officially turns a page. Stepping away from their standard lyric concept of mistreated youths, The Plague of Life 麓s concept deals with the growing awareness of consumers in regards to the meat industry and the transition to cruelty-free goods. The thought-provoking imagery used in the video fits the lyrical and instrumental intensity perfectly, resulting in one of the more powerful songs on While Our World Dissolves, the band麓s recently released full length album.”

While Our World Dissolves‘ is a rewarding journey through the meanwhile unique metal vision of Reject The Sickness.

‘While Our World Dissolves’ is available in CD Format聽HERE

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10 years of existence has not dulled the creative output of this band, which has preserved their trademark sense for memorable melodies while maintaining the viciousness akin to bands as diverse as Obscura, Testament, Dissection, Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, In-Quest, Gojira, Dark Angel, Pestilence and At The Gates.