THE ALIVE New Single/Lyrics Video ‘High On You’


US hard rock group The Alive have released a new single and lyrics video for the track High On You.

A song taken from their forthcoming album Turned Up To Destroy due out via Sliptrick Records on January 18th.

Here鈥檚 what the band had to say; High On You is basically about being in a relationship with someone that didn鈥檛 go very well. I think everyone has been in one of those at one point or another. At the time you think you are in heaven and everything is going so good, but in reality when it鈥檚 over, and you look back you realize that you were in a haze the whole time and things weren鈥檛 as great as you thought they were.

Sometimes it鈥檚 hard to see when you鈥檙e deep into it but as the old saying goes 鈥indsight is 20/20. A relationship can be just as addictive as being on drugs and when it鈥檚 good it鈥檚 like a great high and when it鈥檚 bad it鈥檚 like coming down during a hard crash. So yeah at some point we are all high on someone, it鈥檚 just that the high doesn鈥檛 always last.鈥

Turned Up To Destroy | Released January 18th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

The Alive are:

  • Wes Lee Scott 鈥 Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar
  • Tye Hall 鈥 Guitar
  • Tracy Duty 鈥 Drums

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